Writing an Effective Resume


Think of your resume as a bridge to an interview. Your resume we send to prospective employers will be the first item they see that is the product of your work and that represents you and your work history; make it look good. It will be a major guide for asking you questions and finding out more about you. Make it easy and interesting – short and to the point.

Consider the following when formulating your resume:


  • Prepare an objective that is targeted to the position and that states your goal.
  • Emphasize your job and performance skills in your resume. Prepare skill-benefit statements that you can use in the interview to illustrate each of these skills.
  • Show your willingness on your resume to adapt to a variety of changes and demands in the work environment.
  • Ensure all information is accurate. Our clients routinely check background information and in the end, it will save time, embarrassment and disqualification from the interview process.


  • Don’t specify your political or religious beliefs. Whether you are Republican or Democrat, Christian, Jewish or Confucianism has nothing to do with your qualifications for the job.
  • Don’t write about your plans for learning new skills. The employer is more interested in what you can do now. Employers are looking to hire the candidate with exactly the skills set and experience necessary to impact the company in the most positive way.
  • References: Don’t submit a long list of influential people you know – include three, ideally people that you have reported to and that are familiar with your work and accomplishments.

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