Our fees are contingent based on the successful hiring of a candidate you choose, referred to you by Food Management Search.

  • Contingency recruiting is particularly motivating in working hard to find the exact professional you are looking for. Wasting your time is not in anybody’s best interest.
  • The fee is based on a mutually agreed upon percentage of the new manager’s first years compensation.
  • Percentages vary depending on the level of the position and difficulty of the search.
  • Once a candidate has been hired, you will be invoiced on the manager’s starting date.
  • Billing terms are net 30 days.
  • Our performance guarantee is 90 days from the manager’s starting date should for any reason the manager leaves your employment voluntarily or be terminated by you for cause.
  • We will replace that manager at no additional cost to you in the most expedient way possible.

We hope the Client Services section was helpful in explaining how Food Management Search conducts business. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.