Key Info:

  • Our services are free to candidates. All fees are paid by client companies upon successful placement.
  • Your resume and vital personal information will be kept strictly confidential. We consider your resume your property and we will not submit it to any company without your prior knowledge and approval.
  • We may not have the ideal position that you may be looking for at this particular time, however we encourage you to submit your resume in to our database so that we may contact you immediately when the position is listed with us.

Our mission statement clearly describes what we do; however we can’t accomplish our mission without you. Client companies will use our services because they have a need to fill. Their requirements will be very specific in experience, performance skills, past performance, job history, job stability, personality and compensation. Food Management Search is instrumental in bringing our clients and candidates together to ensure mutual long – term success. You may look at our services as an industry specific portal of positions. We are your eyes and ears of the industry for career advancement.

The Benefits To Using Our Services

  • We make your job search easier and more productive by presenting positions that match your background, career objectives and compensation requirements.
  • We will educate you on the company, position, and inner – culture of the company and key leaders within the organization.
  • We will help manage the interview process with you; setting up interview times, based on yours and the clients availability. We will ensure you have adequate directions and timeframe to the interview with a detailed description of the person you will be meeting.
  • Follow-up is extremely important immediately following any contact with a potential employer in order to keep the process flowing smoothly and timely.
  • With your feedback from the interview, we will contact the client and exchange results of the meeting, give that information back to you and prepare for the next step in the process.
  • We will also assist in salary negotiations.
  • Upon your acceptance of the position, we will help in making a smooth transition into your new job by staying in close contact with the client and providing you with any necessary information.